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Svetlana Rose · Portland, Oregon Escort

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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by! On December 25th I will be setting off on a two-month adventure to South America to pursue my dream of studying Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires. I would love to spend time with you before I go! If I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet, let me briefly introduce myself. I am Svetlana, and yes I am Russian, although, alas, I didn't retain the sexy accent. However, I have many other qualities that I am certain you will enjoy. First, I have a fair bit of charm and southern hospitality, thanks to almost two decades in Texas. I am highly intelligent, intensely curious and a bit overeducated (I hold 2 masters degrees). I am a nomad at heart as I have lived on four continents. I have a rich sense of humor and a deep love of art, dance, film, poetry, travel, adventure, good stories over wine, longwinded conversations over coffee, chocolate... There are as many pleasures in life as there are people. May we meet soon... xxo

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