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Impossibly beautiful with a graceful dancers body and tantalizing curves I am the most down to earth professional eastern european model you may ever meet!

Thank you for taking a moment to visit my website! Are you curious to learn more about me? I am the most down to earth playmate you may ever meet! Relaxed, confident, funny, and extrovert describe me well outside of my natural Romanian beauty. I love the company of a confident gentlemen who is successful both in his professional career and personal life. I have an insatiable curiousity for women as well. Couples can be so much fun! Travel is one of my favorite life hobbies as it has allowed me unique opportunities to see the world with my professional modeling career. Life has blessed me with opportunites to make people happy in so many ways. I am a driven athlete who has competed in 1/2 marathons, triathlons, and renown dance companies. My professional portfolio includes being a rock star video model, print cover girl, as well as many media engagements. Good health, excellent nutrition, and a balanced spiritual state of mind round out who I am. My friends enjoy the adventure I bring. The most daring and adventerous date I have been on included an early morning dinner on the beach followed by skydiving from 14,000 ft! My new friend could not believe I would accept the challenge! I am holistic and more than just a companion who can join you for dinner on the town, coffee dates, or private appointments. Discretion and professionalism is a strong trait that my professional clients respect. I am extremely selective and exclusive of the new friends I spend time with. To learn more about how my friends feel about our connection please visit my review section on my website.

To request to schedule an appointment or meeting, please visit my website and click the "BOOK ME" tab and click SUBMIT from your mobile device or computer. Once I receive your appointment request and a little more info about you...our adventure can begin tonight!

I am currently recongized as the distinguished #16 on the TOP 100 ranked professional models/escorts in North America for being the girl you see in my ad, zero negative reviews or feedback, and the GREAT companionship I have with new my new friends:) Let's play tonight!

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