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I am a down-to-earth, sensual and passionate pleaser...perhaps I can be your muse?

Welcome, I'm glad you found me<3

Maybe you choose to peruse my gallery of pictures, curious to see what flavor I am or maybe you would prefer to read what other respectable Gents expressed about their experiences and memories of their time with me. I encourage you to learn about me, as I want you to truly have quality experiences when in my company...

I am a Lady who can be sincerely cherished and grow with. Unforgettable memories can happen, if you take the time to get to know me and allow me into a window of knowing you. This is where real connection is to be discovered.

I am classy when taken out and about, yet I'm disarmingly funny and easy-going when I'm with someone alone. My witty nature comes naturally and I am an eye-gazer, deep stares invigorate me! I'm very open-minded and non-judgemental...

I look nowhere close to 42 years old, perhaps it's the no marriage, no baby diet that I've subscribed to or just healthy living:) I love Yoga and moving my body to keep in shape, I'm very fit, but still womanly...I'm very comfortable in my Yoga clothes as well as ultra dressed up...I have an extensive wardrobe that I adore getting to show off! I tend to wear no makeup, unless otherwise natural beauty shines bright!

A few of my favorite things...
staying up late on the 3 nights of fullest moon every month, the feel of textiles against my skin, exhibitionism, voyeurism, gardening, cuddling, memoirs, Buddhist Teachings, subtle and not so subtle romance, ORCHID plants, my lingerie, Goddess worship, witty banter, wet hair, 2-dimensional into 3-dimensional concepts and product, laughter, good friends, my dogs, my mom's acceptance of who I am, vintage motorcycles, water on my skin, anything from the 40's and 50's, anticipation, human behavior, music-specifically sexy female vocals, good surprises, eye gazing, organic food, no-make-up-curls-free-sundress-flip-flops, my boot collection, traveling, proper mirror placement, anything art and oh sooooo many more wonderful things to find out!

The Heart Experience

What Has been Said...

"My fantasy with Sammy was launched over a year ago when she started dancing at a club I was in the habit of stopping by a couple times a month. Even more captivating than her smoking hot body and moves on the dance floor was her personalized interactions with patrons. With eyes so warm they could melt any fortress of solitude and conversations brazenly open and direct she just made everyone feel special..."

"I have been around for awhile, and there are many beautiful women here on the boards, some very sexy women, old and young alike. There a just a very few that I have found over the years who I'm immediately thinking of how I could run off to Mexico with. Sammy is one of those few. She is do darn open and honest. I would need at least a full day to take her all in, and then..."

"Sammy is a throwback to the wonderful ladies when I first entered the hobby ---> a VERY good thing for sure! Totally focused on their partner (different than a client) and totally in the moment with no outside distractions..."

"Those that have seen her don't need me to tell them what they already know. For those that haven't seen her yet, what are you waiting for? She is at the top of my ATF list."

"And let's not gloss over beauty. What I'm referring to is not the beauty you can find readily by simply browsing the gallery here. Although I find Sammy to be the definition of "drop dead gorgeous", from head to toe, I've learned that hers runs deep, to her thoughtful, caring core."

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