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Free Spirited Healthy Fit Woman. Full of love and compassion seeking like minded adults. Erogenous Tantric touch is my style as I love how it brings depth to any connection.

Many describe me as genuine, urban, natural, earthy, hippi ish, sexy, alluring woman.

5"2", 125, fit and curvy. Long dirty blonde hair with a lil pink for fun! Health and fitness always a big part of my life. I workout regularly to maintain my curvy curves. I strive to not be superficial. Good spirit, cleanliness and hygiene are more what matters in a partner.

I have a passion to make others feel good as well as enjoy myself, love/love every moment of life at its best. I love connecting with mutual healthy positive like minded adults.

I am a natural Submissive type/love to touch as well as being touched. My nature is more a giver pleaser type. However I do like to be a bit experimental!

Non-Smoker, good hygiene and I love to smell nice. I use lil natural essential oils. Patchouli Rose is my blend. Tantra has infatuated me and I regularly study and participate in puja's and private workshops for new ideas and to expand my experiences for more love energy.

Contact always with Proper Etiquette between 10:30 AM - 10 30 PM via phone. Email anytime

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